Poem 2

Here’s my heart.

It’s bashed and contused
but I give it.

You’ve tried to have it before
and you deserve it untouched;
but now all I have to offer is this mutilated mess that lies aching in my aching hands

I give you my heart

as I have so many times before
I give you my heart.

I can’t even guarantee that I’ll give it for long.
and I know that I’ll give it again and again
offering it to everyone passing by who will have it

but its aching for more.
and you take it.

I give you my heart.
It has danced with demons
and bears the scars of past lovers

I have trusted in its  beauty
and played the harlot

It is shameful even to mention those things done
in secret.

I was made.

and now I’m stripped naked and bare
because I forgot the days of my youth
when I struggled in my own blood
naked and bare
and you said to me, live.

Such things should not happen,
nor be.

How degenerate  this heart.

and I give it to you,

Poem 1

How long will I scratch at this itch
before I realize that I’m bleeding out

How long will I hide in the dark
before the blood drips down from my straining eyes

How long will I run far from you
before my skin peels and my shoes fill with blood

How long will I cover myself
before I realize I’m naked before you